Attendee FAQs

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1. General FAQs

2. Reception FAQs (Applicable in Virtual Event Format)

3. Session FAQs

4. Lounge FAQs

5. Booth FAQs (Applicable in Virtual Event Format)

1. General FAQs

1. Do we need software to host or attend an Airmeet event?
No, Airmeet works perfectly fine on all your modern-day browsers and does not need any software or extensions.

2. Which browsers do you support?
Best compatibility with the latest Chrome (version 79). A must for an event host.

Other supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave browser, and Safari (with limited access & known compatibility issues).

Not supported Browsers: Older versions of Chrome and Firefox, IE, and Opera.

3. Will Airmeet work on a mobile browser?
Yes, Airmeet can be accessed from the mobile browser with access to limited features. 

4. Why am I frequently getting disconnected?
1. Please make sure you are not using the same link on multiple devices simultaneously. Close multiple sessions and try refreshing your browser.
2. Please make sure that you have a good internet connection.

5. What are the other different ways to interact at the event?
Interaction features are:

  1. Chats: Public & private chats with fellow participants.
  2. Q&As: A dedicated window to ask questions to speakers. Fellow participants can also upvote the questions if they have the same query in mind. 
    If enabled by the event organizers, you can also comment under the questions that are asked during the session.
  3. Reactions: It’s the age of emojis, so express your likes, claps, laughs, & love for the event. You can find the reaction bar once the session is live. 

6. How to join the event?
Find the event invitation link sent by the event organizer in your email inbox. Click on the link and register for the event.

Reference: Event Entry in Detail

7. I am getting “Checking your Browser” and “Unable to Connect” messages. Help?
Please follow the technical guides and try opening the event link in incognito or clearing the browser cache.

Reference: What are the Technical Instructions for an Attendee?

8. When does Airmeet send a reminder?
A single reminder email is sent to the registered participants (only) 1 Hour before the event starts.

Note: The above reminder only goes when the event entry selected by the event organizer is "Anyone can enter after sign-in" and the event is in a Paused or Upcoming state. If the event is Started before 1 hour of the actual timing, a reminder email won't be sent out.

9. Who should the participants contact if they have problems logging in?
Participants can contact the event organizers or visit our 24*7Support Lounge and join the "How may I help you?" Virtual tables by clicking on the "Join" button for quick support.

10. My mic is not connecting. Help?
Please check with the following steps:

1. You have a working mic. 
2. You have provided permission to use the mic for the virtual table meeting. 
3. Refresh the page to re-enter the Airmeet event and try joining the virtual table again.

11. I only see the schedule on my screen and nothing else. I don’t know how to attend the meeting. Help?
You can do one of the following :
1. Refresh the page to re-enter the event.
2. Re-open the event in Incognito mode.
3. Follow the technical instructions.

Reference: What are the Technical Instructions for an Attendee?

12. What do you mean by Designation? What shall I write here?
The designation means a job title.

13. How to make sure my mic is muted?
1. During the event: The attendee mics are muted automatically. If you are on the stage by "Raise Hand" or "Invite to Stage" then you can mute yourself by clicking on the mic icon.

2. On Virtual Table: You can mute yourself by clicking on the mic icon. 

You will know you are muted once you see that the mic icon is red and has an "\" icon.

14. Where is the button for that event chat?

1. Main Chat Section: The chat icon can be found on the right side of the page.

2. Chat on Virtual tables: You will see the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

3. Chat on Booths: The booth chat icon can be found on the right side of the page above the virtual lounge.

15. I used two email addresses - personal and company emails to register for the event. How can I change my registration into a single email?
There is no way to delete the registered email address. You can select the email address that you want to use and enter the event with the same. 

16. I am not able to join the break session, please help.
Break sessions will not go live. It indicates that the session is on break, and you can also see the duration of the break by clicking on the "Schedule" button on the top right-hand side and then selecting the particular break session.

17. I have signed in logged in, and registered, but can't hear anything. Help?
Please check if you have given audio permission to Airmeet.

How do I grant camera and mic permission?
How to change the camera or mic input in Airmeet?

18. The screen is frozen on the iPad. Help?
The event organizer sometimes may disable the social lounge, and until the session starts, you may see the "Event will start shortly" message on the screen. Once the session starts, you will be able to see the host and speakers on the stage.

In other cases, you can do the following actions:
1) Refresh the event page.
2) Try to open the Event link on a desktop/laptop.
3) Restart your iPad and reenter the event.
4) Close the other tabs that are using the camera. For example Zoom, Skype, etc.
5) If you still face any problems, please join our 24/7 Support Lounge for quick assistance.

19. I can access the link for the event on my iPad but not on my laptop for some reason. 
Please close the event link on one device and then open it on another device because sometimes using the same link in 2 tabs/devices with the same event link and email address will lead to this problem.
If you still face any problems, please join our 24/7 Support Lounge for quick assistance.

20. The mic is not working on any social platform tried to connect via Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browser. The mic was blocked by the system.
Please try the following steps:
Step 1: Open the browser.
Step 2: At the top right, click More Settings.
Step 3: Under "Privacy and security," click on Site settings.
Step 4: Click Camera or Microphone. Turn on or off Ask before accessing. 

Reference: How do I grant camera and mic permission?

21. Getting stuck at the email verification, getting the same code re-sent, and it's saying "Invalid Code". Help?
Please ensure you are using the latest verification code received in your email. You can wait for a few minutes and retry it.
If you still face any problems, please join our 24/7 Support Lounge for quick assistance.

22. I'm trying to join a table, but it's not joining. There's no error message; it just won't connect. There's a loading screen. I can't hear anyone either. Help?
Please clear your cache on the browser or try re-entering in Incognito mode.
If you still face any problems, please join our 24/7 Support Lounge for quick assistance.

23. I am trying to get into my event, but I get a black screen only. Help?
Please try one of the following:
1) Open the event link in Incognito mode and re-enter the event.
2) Switch/change the internet source. For example: Hotspot.
3) If you are using office devices, please turn off the VPN or use your personal device.
4) Clear the cache on the browser. Guide to clear the cache.
5) If you still face any problems, please join our 24/7 Support Lounge for quick assistance.

24. Is it possible to use Airmeet on a smartphone?
Yes, Airmeet applications are available both on the Play Store and App Store.

Attendee Guide to Airmeet - Android Application
Attendee Guide to Airmeet - iPhone Application

25. How can I watch the session that I couldn't attend?
Once the session is over, you can watch the session replay by going to the "Schedule" section.

Reference: Play Session replay on-demand - Post-session recording accessible to participants

26. I am trying to watch Session-Replay, but I am unable to find it. Help?
The Session-Replay will be available only if the event organizer has enabled it for the session. It also doesn't show if the main event (not the session) has ended.

27. How do I test my Audio/video settings in Airmeet?
1) On Virtual table: Click on the two horizontal lines setting icon on the middle-bottom of the virtual table and test your audio/video settings.

2) On Backstage/Live Stage: Click on the three dots setting icon on the middle-bottom of the live stage/backstage and select Audio & video settings to change your audio/video.

28. How do I change the camera settings to use my external camera? 
1) On Virtual table: Click on the two horizontal lines setting icon on the middle-bottom of the virtual table and click on the camera setting and select the desired camera.

2) On Backstage/Live Stage: Click on the three dots setting icon on the middle-bottom of the live stage/backstage and select Audio & video settings to select the desired camera.

29. I have not received the Ticket purchase invoice. Can you please share the details of my ticket purchased for the event?
Please connect with the Event organizer regarding the ticket invoice. If you still face any problems, please join our 24/7 Support Lounge for quick assistance.

2. Reception FAQs (Applicable in Virtual Event format)

1. What is the Reception Page?
The reception page is the first page that you will land on after you have registered for the event. It contains the event information in a summarized format. 
The Reception page is available only in the Virtual event format.

2. How to configure the Schedule, Lounge, and Booths?
When on the reception page, find Schedule (top right-side), Lounge, and Booths at the top of the event page. 
And, if you are already participating in one of those areas (Schedule, Lounge, and Booth), click on any of those labels to change the area you want to be in.

3. Where can I view the sponsors/event partners?
Sponsors/Event partners can be seen on the reception page. 

3. Session FAQs

1. What is “Raise Hand”?
Attendees can use the “Raise Hand” feature to come to the stage. The host will have to give permission on who can or cannot join the stage.

2. As a participant, I am unable to see or hear anything!
Please refresh your browser. If the error persists, you can try to relaunch the browser or try in incognito mode.

If you have installed plugins of other conferencing applications, please disable that or close the application.

3. Can attendees share their screen once on stage?
Yes, the attendees can share their screens once they are invited/allowed on the stage.

4. Can attendees restrict/remove other attendees from the session?
No, attendees can’t restrict/remove other attendees from the session. Only a host and co-host have these rights. 
If they find someone spamming/abusing, they can report the person by selecting their message and then clicking on the 3-dot icon.

5. Can I use my keyboard shortcuts for making emoticons in chat?
Yes, keyboard shortcuts can be used to create emoticons. You can use keys 1,2,3,4,5.

4. Lounge FAQs

1. What is a social lounge?
The social lounge is where the virtual tables are. People can click on "Join" and join the table to interact with other participants. They also can also move between tables.

2. How many people can be on a virtual table?
Each virtual table can accommodate up to 8 people(free plan) and 15 / 30 125 participants (depending on the respective paid plans) at a time. 

The event organizer & moderator has an additional chair reserved for them on a table.
Organizers/hosts can determine and configure the number of seats per table and the number of tables at the social lounge.

3. Can I use my keyboard shortcuts for making emoticons in chat?
Yes, you can.

4. Can attendees edit the seating capacity of any virtual table?
No, the attendees cannot edit the virtual tables’ seating capacity. Only the host/organizers have these controls.

5. Booth FAQs (Applicable in Virtual Event Format)

1. What is Booth?
The booth area is a virtual space where multiple booths can be set up and visited by participants to interact with exhibitors one-one at tables and encourage exhibitors to put up stalls at your event to generate leads.

Reference: Virtual booths in detail

2. How to go to the Booth?
Once registered for the event, click on “Booth” at the top of the Reception page, and you will be able to see all the booths exhibited there.

3. How to join a booth?
Go to the Booth > Choose the booth you want to participate in > Click on it.

4. How to interact with exhibitors?
1. By using the booth social lounge tables
2. Using Chats and Direct Messages

5. What does “I'm Interested” mean?
If somebody is interested in the product/services, they can click on the “I'm Interested” button and enter their email address. You will hear back from the exhibitor after the end of the event.

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.

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